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FICASOFT is a highly competent consulting, research and development platform, a growing network of skilled professionals and a history of productive collaborative partnerships. FICASOFT regards research as the critical component of any e-learning and software content development system.

Phases of R&D explored by professionals provides the basic platform to understand the wide scope and objectives of the application including feasibility, competition involved, frameworks available, existing alternatives and a good understanding of the requirements of the targeted audience.

FICASOFT's research & development has the advantage of over ten years of company experience in e-learning and software development. Focusing on the development of radical new technologies spanning a wide range of applications, our team at FICASOFT involves engineering, development and quality professionals specialized in creating innovative solutions for advanced technologies.

The Consulting, R & D team at FICASOFT focus on the standard & custom designed development processes to impart all software, ecommerce & IT solutions based on the specifications of clients. FICASOFT's world-class software development processes through years of research & development helps our clients to;

Reduce Financial Risks

Ensure complete decision-making during project design & development Allow them to stay ahead of their competitors.

FICASOFT's ecommerce, content & software R&D team gathers ideas and values from a large pool of talented individuals to create a working style & strategy to fit the future demands. FICASOFT is leading with a mission to provide the education and business community with need & time-intensive, innovative services and solutions.

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